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Curated photo inspiration

100% royalty free images, curated by Ida Andersen Lang

Curated photo inspiration

Inspirational collections from Pinterest. Remember, images on Pinterest might be copyrighted, but use them as general inspiration and find your own way of taking inspiration online. Copyright is ONLY an issue, if you have commercial plans with your art. If you do art, only for leisure and your own joy, you don´t have to worry about copyright.

The book shelf

A selection of inspirational literature for artist souls

One of my absolute favourite “mindset” books about creativity. A must read for all creative souls.

A deeply uplifting novel about following your dreams. One of my all time favourite, life changing reads.

Maybe the best color theory for artists, available today. I hold a certificate in this color theory, and base my paint choices and my painting lessons on Michaels fantastic insights into color.

A really good book on how to build your own art business online.


My weekly musings on drawing and painting

… more inspiration coming soon …

so keep an eye open and come back to this page