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Lesson 1

In this lesson, I show you from the very beginnings how to start up the drawing process. I recommend you to bring pencil and paper, and start up your drawing as you watch the video, putting it on pause and play, and drawing in small sessions inbetween. Alternatively, watch the full video, and draw on your own, after you have wathced the video.

Lesson 2

In this lesson, we take the drawing to the next stage, refining with beautiful line work. This is where you start to define a more finished drawing, and also prepare for the light and shadow work.

Lesson 3

In this lesson we take the drawing to the final exiting stage, rendering the light and shadow. In the lesson I give you af basic and managable framework for creating light and shadow. Remember however, that superior light and shadow takes practice, and this is one of the things I develop much further in my full program, Drawing Magic Secrets (DMS). Also, in this video, I use only a basic pencil and a few tools. Many more drawing materials can be employed in Light and Shadow and are fully explored in DMS.

Lesson 4 : It´s time to get your drawing practice up and flying. In this video, you get my best advice about how to continue and develop your drawing practice.

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This is my recommended list of materials to start up your full drawing practice. Every item on the list is fully explained and explored in Drawing Magic Secrets, in numerous video lessons.

Image References for the Drawing Retreat

All images are 100% royalty free, and you can use them for your creative convenience in any way you like. Right-click on the images to save them on your computer.

New images will be added regularly  during the retreat. Use these images to practice the steps from the Drawing Retreat videos. The more motives you make, the better you will get at the drawing process.

This image is the owl in the exact size I draw in the video tutorial. Print out this image to get the size of the owl, that I draw in the videos.

This is the full original image of the owl with many more details, if you´d like that challenge.