Artist, Dreamweaver and Art Teacher from Copenhagen, Denmark

Ida Andersen Lang

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1976

My Art: I love all things beautiful in life and my passion is to express the beauty of life through all kinds of creativity.

I specialize in figurative art with a touch of abstraction. In my art i try to catch a glimpse of the mystery behind life here on Earth, and to trace the connectedness between all things in the universe.

The motives for my images often come to me in visual glimpses into another world – the world of inner vision. I have these visions both while awake and in dreams, but often they appear when sometimes I am in another state of consciousness, what you could call “between worlds” and one looks into other realms than the physical one. My experience is that often these glimpses can be fragments from both past, future and present, often appearing in a symbolic language.

Afterwards, the effort of turning these visions and dreams into paintings and drawings follows. I love to experiment with materials, and in my art I always seek to choose the media wich allows the best, my visions to come forward and shine through.
If the viewer, just momentarily, can step “between worlds” by looking at my paintings, I feel that I succeed as an artist.

My Art Techings: I have been teaching drawing all the way back to the end of the nineties. Both offline and online. Litterally, I have been teaching thousands of people to draw. For me it is extremely important to pass on the torch of good art practices, and I have refined the way that I teach for decades. I have arrived at a very deep, simple, yet comprehensive way of passing on the secrets of drawing, and it is this, that I teach in my Drawing Magic Secrets (DMS) Programme. For me it is a delight and a priviledge to see the light of drawing be turned on in my drawing students, and I know that it is life changing, to be able to draw well.

Formal Art Education
  • Royal School of Architecture, Copenhagen, 1996-97
  • Design School Kolding, illustration 1997-99
  • College of Arts and Crafts, Kerteminde, BA in Fine Art, 2002-05