How to start a drawing

How to start a drawing

Hello, and a very warm welcome to the Art TV. As you know, my name is Ida Andersen Lang, and I am here today to talk a little bit about some of the questions that I often get about drawing. I have been getting a lot of questions lately about drawing and I´d really like to talk to you about some of them.

So today, the question I will talk about is this important question:

I don´t know how to get started with drawing. I need basic instruction.

Yes, that´s super simple, right? It´s so simple, that you can easily overlook it and say to your self, maybe it´s just me or something is wrong with me or whatever.

But that´s not the case at all. You know, no matter what we learn in life as human beings, we need some kind of instruction. And that goes for everything.

Drawing is a very complicated skill, actually. So if you are a person, that doesn´t really have any artistical family background or maybe artistical friends background, or didn´t really learn anything artistically valuable in school or any where else. Your´e totally right. And you totally have the right to say “I NEED basic drawing instruction”. You dont know how to do it. How on earth could you, if no one told you or showed you how to do it?

Now, for my self, I am coming from an artistical family background.  There are many people, in my older family, especially, that has been drawing and painting, and I have been shown how to start drawing, so early in life, that I can´t even remember. So for that reason, it can occur from the outside, that I am some kind of natural drawing talent, but the truth is, that I am not. I was just instructed very early on. That´s a lucky situation for me in that area. Maybe of course there are other areas, I didn´t have any instruction in at all, so I am totally aware, how it is to be a beginner in something in adult life. I totally know how that feels in many areas.

But with drawing you really need some one to show you how to do it. You need to watch some one take the pencil in their hand, and show you how to do it. Now, it can be said also in words, and I´ll try to do that a little bit here. But first I wanted to tell you this. That if you never had any drawing instruction, you are totally right that you do need some basic, sound, valid instruction, and that´s a big part of what I do.

Now, I´ve been teaching drawing for many, many years, since the middle of the nineties, I think that was the first time I dabbled with teaching other people how to draw. And back then I didn´t know how instruct, so I really developed from scratch, a method on my own, on how to teach, how to transmit this ability to draw to others. And I can´t teach you all this in this small clip, but I can tell you what the first seed is, that you need to focus on. There are so many fascinating things in drawing, that you can easily get this, like, shiny object syndrome. But what you need to do first, no matter what you want to draw, wether if it is from life, or if it is from photographs, no matter what the subject is, you need to focus on how are the things you want to draw shaped? What kind of shapes do these things have? No matter if it is persons or trees or houses or cars or whatever. Are they round, are they square? Are they angled like this or like that? And try to start sketching very lightly around these things.

Very often you make the mistake, that you put your pencil to some fascinating detail, and then you try to like, scribble something from there. But that is the tough road. You have to start from the outside and in, and try to capture the form of things.

I know that is easier to show than to tell. And this is a tell. This is a tell tale. But think about it and try to find some simple motives, and really start observing, what are they shaped like, and try to capture these shapes in very light pencil strokes, and work from the outside in.

That is the basic instruction you need. That´s where to start off, and from there you can go on a really wonderful adventure in drawing, once you get started, so to say.

So that was my small seed about drawing for today.

Have a very lovely day, and I´ll be back soon.







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